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Europe customers have always been very professional in the field of safety shoes. We contacted BETA-Italy in 2010. Then we were still a small factory. After several years of cooperation, we have established a deep relationship. In 2016, BETA terminal customers came to our factory, and highly praised the scale of our factory and the development and quality of our products. Of course, there have been problems of one kind or another, but we have been actively solving them. To this day, both of us have become very strong in the field of safety shoes.


VITOSAFE&COFASEG COFASEG is from Chile, the logo is a bulldog. It has been committed to the production and sales of safety shoes. We know each other in 2019, COFASEG visited our website and became very interested in our products, and contacted us proactively. In October 2019, they came to China and visited our factory. They were deeply attracted by the design and style of our safety shoes. At that time, they signed a sales contract with us. Until now, we can do it 6,000 pairs of safety shoes per month, and we helped COFASEG win a large share in the South American market. The story of VITOSAFE and COFASEG is going on…


DG customer, our first meeting was with a hotel near the Canton Fair in 2017. Thanks, DG for always trusting. DG has led the Southeast Asian market with new safety shoe packaging methods.


JIMMY is from Africa, the trademark is a cute frog. It has been committed to the production and sales of fashion shoes. Under the introduction of a customer in 2016, we knew each other. At that time, JIMMY just started to contact safety shoes. Step by step, and now they order 20,000 pairs of safety shoes per month. And successfully signed an outsole mold development agreement with VITOSAFE. Be powerful.