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Exoskeleton and PPE Interface Challenges Roundtable

2021-06-10 15:29 By : admin

The Exo Technology Center of Excellence (ET CoE) with the support of ASTM International will host a second roundtable on the vital topic of integrating occupational exoskeletons with other personal protective equipment (PPE). Industrial exoskeletons don’t exist in a vacuum and they often have to interact not only with the user but with other optional or mandatory safety equipment prescribed at the job site. Depending on the task, upper and lower body exoskeletons may have to interact and be compatible with safety shoes, hard hats, safety glasses, chemical protective suits, fall harnesses, respirators, spark protective covering, and others. This is the second online event hosted by ASTM International ET CoE on this topic with the first one held in 2020 “Exoskeletons – Considerations When Deciding to Use Them as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).”